About Robin

Raised by wolves in Alabama, Robin sensed she was unique even at an early age. Experts still aren't certain but most concur it was probably the rustic lifestyle or the absence of a really good sushi joint which finally forced young Robin to separate from the pack and find her own way in the world. Now, after wandering for nearly 192 years, Robin has accumulated a copious cornucopia of experiences, such as: 

  • Exploring the great pyramids at Giza 
  • Searching for missing teeth on the rocks of the Kancamaugus River 
  • Accidentally setting her sister on fire 
  • High School 

Of course, all of these harrowing and thrilling events have also brought about a pretty fancy skill set. As of January 17, 2009, Robin can:

  • Write legibly if necessary
  • Boil water
  • Say "I pity the fool" in 14 languages

And how does this aged adventurer pass the time these days? A grueling five days a week, our heroine traverses perilous highways to work with nature's most cherubic endangered species: seventh graders.



Robin is also a proud member of Northwest Authors.