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Those Roys of New England - March 2016

Every family has its characters. But in the case of the Roy family, pretty much everyone is a bit off their rockers. In the second book of local author Robin Russell's fun and funny series for young readers, their quirky adventures continue as the family's oldest child narrates a new round of crazy antics, calamity, and shenanigans, catches us up on our favorite characters from the first book, introduces newcomers like Gay Uncle Charlie and Priscilla the Pun, and perfectly captures the chaos of a home suddenly filled with teenagers. 








Those Roys on Planet Earth

Meet the quirky and lovable Roy Family. Jillian is a forward-thinking mother who hails from Planet Arvon. Walt is a renaissance man who waxes philosophical at the dinner table. Casey, the middle child, is “utterly devastated beyond imagining” on an hourly basis, especially by Ancient-Aunt-Hattie, who is "absolutely diabolical" with her non-stop drinking, smoking and sticking her nose into other people's business for crying out loud. Sammy, the youngest, alternates between experimenting with household appliances and serving in the capacity of The Family Dog. And Alex, the eldest, is on the brink of an early-life crisis, but manages to keep it together long enough to narrate and survive the shenanigans, the debacles and close-shaves. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for The Cat.

"Hilarious and addictively readable! I enjoyed this book so much that I read it twice -- one time right after the other. By the end of the book I felt as if I knew, and liked, the characters. Russell really brought them to life, each character with a distinct voice. I particularly enjoyed the segments written from the point of view of Casey, the precocious, discontent, sarcastic pre-adolescent middle sister. The book is made up of a large number of extremely short chapters, which make it a fast, addictive read (sample chapter titles: "Casey's Diary Entry about Digesting Furniture", "Kidnapping Revisited", and "Aunt Hattie's Letter about Capitalization & Not Being an Insect").There were times when the book actually made me laugh out loud, which I normally never do while reading, and sections so funny that I felt the need to read them to other people."

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Those Roys in Bangalore

Those Roys on Church Street


Solve mysteries with the "Summer Island" gang...

A Tiara for the Taking

Over the centuries, the famous Fatima Tiara has mesmerized and intrigued all who have stolen it. What started as a daughter's whim and a father's quest for forgiveness has transformed into endless years of subterfuge and violence. Now there is one last hope for peace and national reconciliation in Morocco. And if the children succeed, they may even save love. However, on this adventure they'll need more than just their wits and courage. This time they'll face their most dangerous opponents yet: themselves.

"The main characters in these books are multifaceted, dealing with situations that are so poignant they draw you in and leave you running right along side of them hoping to find a way to make everything right. The problems in these books are not resolved by the wave of a magic wand, wearing a magic ring or stepping through a magic door, but by actual problem solving. However the way in which Tia (the motherly woman who invites the children to stay with her every Summer) seems to always steer everyone in the right direction does leave you wondering if there isn't just the tiniest glimmer of magic in her somewhere."

A Karst in Kweilin

Just when the children are settling into their surprise trip to China, events take a turn for the worse. Someone is plundering ancient temples and that's only the tip of the karst! With no adults around, the children embark on their own investigation. What they find will break their hearts and change their lives forever. 

"A very fun read! This story has a wonderful blend of mystery, exploration, fantastic circumstances and real world problems. The characters are believable, have their own motivations, and have great character arcs. I highly recommend this book! "

A Jail for Justice

How much should a man's freedom weigh? It has been ten years since the crime shocked the small island community. Now strange clues are appearing and it looks as if justice might not have been served after all. Once again the children have found themselves neck-deep in mystery ~ and this time it's personal. 

"In the midst of wars and oil spills, comes this tale of A Jail for Justice. In it five children, using their wits and wisdom, uncover an old injustice and reunite a family. The adults in the book form a non-interfering backdrop. The reader spends time primarily with these young people who gather together each summer to renew their friendships and discover truths about the world. The mystery begins with a sealed box that has sat in an empty house for ten years. What it contains begins the journey. Highly recommended."


A Prince in Peril

When the five children arrive to spend the summer with Tia on The Island, international intrigue and adventure are the last things on their minds. But there is an unexpected guest and curious events unfold. Strangers in town are asking questions and someone is watching the house. How long before the five wonder — is this boy more than what he seems? 

"A Prince in Peril is a riveting tale for young readers." -Midwest Book Review

"What a thoroughly pleasurable reading experience. It has been a long time since I've felt so absorbed by a story." 

"This book has everything I used to love in a book: bright, adventurous kids in an unusual setting, a code to break while the deadline looms, a secret cave, and mystery." 

"What a thoroughly pleasurable reading experience. It has been a long time since I've felt so absorbed by a story. The characters are all engaging, and the protagonist, a little girl named Greta stoically dreading a summer at "poor camp," immediately won my sympathy. The interaction among the characters is warm and lively -- as a reader, I felt pulled into their world and began to see them as friends. The plot, with its embedded mysteries, is always exciting, builds up a great deal of suspense, and kept surprising me with very clever twists. It has everything children love to read about -- secret codes, disguises, wonderful and mysterious places, and children who save each other through their courage and ingenuity. Ms. Russell's treatment of the young characters was very empowering. I loved how seriously she took them and how she trusted their intelligence and common sense. The book is also written with a wonderful sense of humor, including a hilarious, though sinister, pair of bad guys nicknamed "Sweet Tooth" and "Grumpy," and various moments that made me laugh out loud. Although I'm an adult, I couldn't put the book down, and, in fact read it twice for the pure pleasure of it. And it is likely to become any child's favorite book. Highly recommended for all ages!"